The Needs of Husbands & Wives in Marriage | Part #2

Respecting Husbands — Douglas Wilson | Marriage Seminar

In what is sure to be agitating to moderns, Doug uses his second session to outline the Biblical guidelines & instruction for Christian wives. Of course he properly qualifies but also brings into sharp focus the Biblical differentiation between the genders and their primary emotive, existential and relational needs. He is working with a massively positive track record of hundreds of healthy couples that have improved as well as diseased couples that have avoided dissolution and started the healing and reconciliation process.

LOVE = New Testament simplifies this as: Commitment and Presence directed toward the wife (Christ on the Cross and in life as the model) – notice: Christ does not relinquish his authority by his commitment and presence but this helps to establish it to those around him

RESPECT = A clear focus on abilities and achievements

Caveat: Without submission and obedience to God and his Word and extended to her chosen leader (husband) then this activity becomes manipulation &/or flattery (1 Peter 3:6; Titus 2:3-5)

For the husband, New Testament “masculinity” is best simplified to: “the glad assumption of sacrificial responsibility”

Listen for the qualifiers for clarity from Pastor Wilson, but just as we do not throw out Biblical commands because of their difficulty or their modern unpalatability, listen and learn and improve. The Word of God must speak to us in the crucial area of our lives, marriage was God’s idea so He can guide us in how to be successful in it, even with hundreds of voices shouting the opposite.

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