The Bible and Mental Health

Over the summer of 2018, our Sunday School class (Myth and Messiah) had a spike in attendance in response to a requested series of teachings on the Bible and breakthroughs in therapies addressing depression, anxiety and addiction. The question of Christianity and mental health was number one most pressing question when Bible scholar Jeremiah Johnston conducted a two year, 10,000 respondent survey asking Christians which issues they most desired to see studied and discussed by the best and brightest. The study asked and answered the question, Are there more particular and specific ways born out of a close study of the Word that a Christian can understand and resist depression, anxiety and addiction?

The study incorporates roughly 20 extra-Biblical sources across the spectrum of belief:

Constructing the Self, Constructing America - Phillip Cushman

Authentic Happiness - Martin Seligman

Grown Up Digital - Don Tapscott

The Crisis of Our Age - Pitrim Sorokin

Interview - Simon Sinek

The Lost Virtue of Happiness - J.P. Moreland & Klaus Issler

The Culture of Narcissism - Christopher Lasch

The Real American Dream - Andrew DelBanco

You Are Not Your Brain - Jeffrey Schwartz & Rebecca Gladding

Thanks - Robert Emmons

The Psychology of Gratitude - Robert Emmons & Michael McCullogh

Is Faith a Delusion? Andrew Sims

The Person in Psychology - Gordon Allport

The American Psychologist / Vol. 46 - Allen Bergin

Born Believers - Justin Barrett

Depression for Dummies - Smith and Elliot

Happiness is a Serious Problem - Dennis Prager

The Happiest Life - Hugh Hewitt

University of Colorado - Paul Campos

Baylor University - Byron Johnson

Here is the Link to the entire 6 week series...

Grace and Peace

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