Prioritization in Marriage for Wives from a Male perspective

In this short video from Gary Thomas, he carefully gives advice to wives about prioritization in marriage from a male perspective. Very rare to have a video making any suggestion to wives or women on relational wisdom, Biblical or not, from a male. Gary Thomas is a NY Times best selling author, minister and has about 25,000 hours of counseling experience to his credit. This, obviously, doesn't mean what he is saying is automatically true but there's a great probability that he has practical wisdom for those interested in the subject marital psychology. Under five minutes of commitment for this video...not just his opinion but the result of the majority of men with whom Gary has interacted!

  1. Wives to Speak Scripture

  2. Wives get (Verbalize) what makes the husband's life most difficult

  3. Wives to Engage in Laughter / comedy / lightness and humor

  4. Wives to Be Loyal and come to the defense of the husband

  5. Wives to Incorporate unexpected sex / intimacy

Gary's book on this subject is gold, it expands on this subject - it is entitled Loving Him Well; Practical Advice for Influencing Your Husband

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