The Needs of Husbands & Wives in Marriage | Part #1

Loving Wives — Douglas Wilson | Marriage Seminar

Douglas Wilson is a unique kind of minister. He has always been willing to be thrown out of Christian "parties" or "clubs" as he attempts to read, interpret the Word of God as best he can, especially the uncomfortable sections. He has been willing to debate atheists (like the debate tour he took with the late uber-atheist Christopher Hitchens) and speak even in places where what he brings out of the Bible is offensive to Biblical illiterates.

That said, he has run a very successful Christian school and church in Moscow, Idaho for decades and is an extremely gifted writer and an excellent theologian. He has also had remarkable success in marital and family counseling when couples and families listen and implement the Bible

I wanted to include this first part of three videos on the needs of husbands and wives in marriage. Many of the Biblical concepts he discusses are expanded upon and discussed in the best marriage books recommended by our staff.

Wilson has said that of the thousands of counseling hours he has put in, this concept of what "feeds males versus what feeds females" has been the most powerful. As usual, his talk comes out of the Word (Eph.5).

I pray that this teaching will be as practically helpful for you as it has been for me and hundreds of other couples, even though the spirit of the age rages against ideas based in reality.

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