Deep Wisdom in About an Hour - New Book Summary - The Vanishing American Adult

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

One of the most helpful parenting books I have come across in years is Senator Ben Sasse's book The Vanishing American Adult. Dr. Sasse has an earned doctorate in History from Yale University and is a Republican Senator from Nebraska, he also happens to be a committed follower of Christ. I first became acquainted with Senator Sasse from an interview by the great Peter Williams of the Stanford University Thinktank called Uncommon Knowledge - some content of which can be found on Youtube. Most do not have the time to go through the 300+ pages of Sasse's excellent monograph, so I have provided a summary in about 10-12 minute segments that one can complete in just over an hour. Sasse's book is excellent and filled with practical, implementable suggestions to be worked into intentional family time. Even if you labor under the delusion that because you might have turned out "O.K." with sub-optimal parents so to then everyone else (your children) will also be "O.K.", the book is still a remarkable resource. I highly recommend the book for all parents or would be parents even marginally interested.

Follow this link to the summary podcasts

Or navigate it from the top menu under the tab: "resources" then the section: "book summaries."

Also, for a great interview of the Author, Ben Sasse, click the video below.

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